(Alzheimer's disease) Life on Hold

I was on the phone, waiting on hold when this poem came to me. With Alzheimer's disease average length of suffering with the disease from onset of symptoms until death is 10 years. The average time from diagnosis to death is 4 years. With most there are many years that you don't know what is happening. With some, besides the forgetfulness there is also a personality change. The 5 or 6 years before the diagnoses can be very difficult. For me after Don's diagnosis it was easier and I had more compassion.

Life on Hold

Dum, da, da, de, dum. Diddle, diddle, de, dum.
Thank you for your patience.
Life on hold.
There are 1,646 people ahead of you.
Estimated wait time is four years.
Thank you for your patience and have a nice day.

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