(Alzheimer's Disease) An Hour in Our Life

This was written before Don's diagnosis. He was having memory problems. He also lost his organization and directional skills. He was an American Airlines captain and could not tell north, south , east or west.
I was still in the teaching and reasoning mod

An Hour In Our Life

What does Tuscany mean?


Why don't they just say Italian?
What is autism again?
It must be a new word.
I have never heard of it
it is on TV all the time now.
Why is everything so secretive these days?
What are super delegates anyway?
What happened to voting for just one candidate?
Why don't we just all vote on the same day, get it over with?
Why does one state vote and then another?
When did we loose our country?
This country is going to hell in a hand basket.
When is my doctor's appointment?


Why is it such a secret?
Why don't you keep me in the loop?

The appointment letter is on the counter.
Plus it is on your calendar.

What does Tuscany mean?


Why don't they just say Italian?
I'm hungry.

You just ate eggs, bacon and toast one hour ago.

Three days ago, you mean!
You lie, you lie, you lie, all the time
You know what happens to liars, don't you?
Why do you lie like that?

Put some clothes on
You can't go out in your pajama bottoms.

I didn't let the cat out. You let the cat out.
Why don't you just admit it?
Why do you blame everything on me?
Is today Thursday?

No, it is Saturday.

When is my doctor's appointment again?

After I see the doctor, I am out of here.
What does Tuscany mean?

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