(Alizheimer's disease) Failure

This was written about 2 years before Don's death with Alzheimer's disease when I was trying to keep things normal and failing. I hid a lot from family and friends.


I am learning there comes a time when you can no longer reason, argue, teach, correct or explain.

A very hard lesson since I have worn many hats of a very independent women- wife, mother,nurse, artist, poet.

It is my nature to fix things, make things right, keep everything on even keel. Impossible in the past and even more so now.

The journey started 8 years ago, it is just now getting very difficult.
I will forgive myself for seeking perfection.

I am swimming against the tide, trying to keep my head above water but drowning in pools of sadness.

Trying to keep normalcy but failing, still trying to reason, argue, teach, correct or explain.