Blog - Think before you put alcohol ink in your hair.

My friend Margaret has pink and blue streaks in her hair, so I thought I would put some in my hair.
Some mornings I amaze myself with great ideas. I have all colors of alcohol ink since I teach that medium. I also know that alcohol ink comes out with alcohol if you don't like something. Sounds safe so far. So I put a pink streak and a blue streak in my silver hair. I liked it but thought I would lighten it a little, the blue was very bright, so I sprayed a little alcohol just like I do when painting and it lighten it but also spread the color to adjoining hair. Now my streaks are lighter but have spread to the right side. What used to be a 1 inch streak is now a 2 or 3 inch streak.
So my Tuesday tip is to think before you put alcohol ink in your hair. Go slowly. Lighten the ink first. I am going to go wash my hair. TTFN.
PS: it washed out so I did it again. This time it matches my shirt. Teal is my new favorite color.